Festival of Fantasy is the newest, and greatly needed, addition to the parade line up at WDW and it’s just fantastic! The parade features all new float vehicles and multiple themed dancing units keep the parade fresh and different for each section of the parade. The grand detail of all the costumes from sewing work to 3d printed visors and more show the full range of creativity from the Disney costume design team. The floats consist of a few “hard” themed floats and some “soft” themed floats. Hard themed floats include floats that are themed for a particular movie or character like Merida’s giant Bagpipes, Rapunzel’s Snuggly Duckling Ship, The Neverland float, Ariel’s Clamshell Chariot and of course, the Malificent dragon. The soft themed floats are the “Balloon float” that houses the Fab 5 and the Princess  “love float” Train which currently features Anna/Elsa, Belle/Beast, Cinderella/Charming and Tiana/Naveen. I’ve seen some complaining about the “lack of major theming” for the “Love Float” but with Disney releasing movies once or so a year this float is a needed feature. The Tiana and Frozen spinner is a perfect spot for quick retheming if they need to add new characters to it and the overall “flower” theme can support pretty much any kind of royal characters they need to shuffle around to add different characters. The background theming for the Tiana side could have had a bit more care involved which makes me a bit fearful of Tiana & Naveen’s featuring… but we’ll have to see in the coming year if they do indeed start shuffling cast on that float. The last float I would probably put in the “soft” themed catagory would be what I’ve been calling the “Imagination Mobile” float. It features Pinochio on top of Monstro (odd choice to feature, but meh) and a bit of a circus mismatch of characters to support Dumbo being on the whale’s tail that flows into the Fantasia inspired Fab 5 Balloon I mentioned earlier. Here is some photos I shot while down in WDW in January!

Written by Christa

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