When I saw casa without a dumb 25-30% sign.

When I saw Casa without a dumb 25-30% sign like always.

Once upon a sale, Jo-ann Fabrics and Crafts somehow let a 60% coupon and the Casa Collection, without a discount coexist, for 3 whole days. All the towns people rejoiced. No seriously, I almost fell over in astonishment.

As I needed some for an Esmeralda commission and had FIVE 60% off coupons I obvious lost my mind for a bit and started trying to figure out what to do with this good fortune. I decided I really wanted to try out this pattern that’s been sitting in my box for years and add Cinderella to my¬†repertoire of costumes.

Pattern Review- Simplicity 2563 (Cinderella/Snow White)


I picked up 3 yds of Clearwater Satin and 3 yrds of Clearwater Glitter Organza Scroll. This proved to be WAY to much Glitter Organza, I would suggest getting 2.5 yds of the satin and 1-1.5 yds of the organza if you’re on a budget… I just grabbed what I thought knowing I’d be able to use the fabric in some other random project eventually. (this is why my apartment closet is full of fabric tubs and my husband says he expects a lady in a green apron to show up for work at our place anytime now)

Side note- Jo-anns took away the perfect blue a couple years back and I’m so not over it. I miss my cornflower blue color so much, it was perfect for every blue Disney girl *blarghbitchitybitchbitch* Bring it back you monsters!


Pattern Review- Simplicity 2563 (Cinderella/Snow White)Anywhooooo,

I first set out to find pattern reviews since I opened the pattern (which I precut in it’s largest size out of boredom a couple years before) and found that this skirt looked WAY too long for a 4 year old. I’m not a parent and haven’t really seen a “decent” amount of 2-5 yos children since my days at the BBB. I was darn sure that this skirt looked like something that would be long on me, so I ventured to the interwebs to see if anyone else shared my confusion. Well, they definitely did. lol Almost all the reviews on there and blogs mentioned the skirt being miles too long, does anyone ever check these compared to actual children? Another tip I got from “Notes from a Mad Housewife” is that the neckline is a bit low. I noticed this on a couple photos of other children and I’m Pattern Review- Simplicity 2563 (Cinderella/Snow White)glad I found that before cutting. I raised the neckline about an 1-2″ inches and it really made a world of a difference in the fit/look on my 4-5 child form.
Other than these two fixes, I’m pretty happy with the pattern in general. I really don’t know why they would discontinue a pattern with two of the most iconic princesses in it. Especially with the new Cinderella movie recently released. These patterns would blow off the shelves for Halloween in 2015. Hopefully they’ll release a new pattern over the summer. This pattern also has been adapted for older girls and “misses” sizes which I believe are still available in stores. I could be wrong, if so, Etsy and Ebay are usually great sources for patterns. Don’t pay full price though, wait for someone who is “destashing” to get a good deal. $3-8 a pattern is probably good.

The back I decided to put a zipper in as I had other pieces to finish for customers and this wasn’t for anyone in particular. I added a large, matching, organza bow to the back that can be snapped on one side once the zipper is full up. I thought it added some “princess punch” to a relatively “boring” back of the dress ^_^ And who doesn’t like a good butt bow?

Pattern Review- Simplicity 2563 (Cinderella/Snow White)Weird side note about this pattern. For some reason, someone in the graphics department wasn’t told that they extended this pattern to the floor until later printings I guess. (I assume someone complained?) Anyways, there are TWO different covers for this pattern. One (the one I have) shows the girls with knee length dresses and the newer one has a, very obviously, photoshopped skirt to show the dress going to the feet. This makes NO difference in the actual pattern and if you want to make it knee length I would suggest following this guide or, ya know, measure the kid if you can.


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