Back of Aquarium Area

Back of Aquarium/ Casino Area

I had always wanted to see the Aquariums in Atlantis so I was pretty gunhoe about going alone if I had too lol. During our January 2015 Disney 3-day Dream Cruise Liz decided to join me on the Atlantis adventure so we all had breakfast, split with mum who was going out shopping with the rest of the ladies and headed to the D Lounge to check in for our tour. We met up with the Atlantis people who were a bit snippy about us being early (what a sin really…) and we waited until they were ready for us. We were then stickered (Goofy I believe), asked to buy water about 40 times and then eventually we were off to the bottom of the ship to head to our bus. The buses were ok and our driver was fun. They gave us a 25 minute tour of the island as we did a “long way around” trip to Atlantis. uIMG_1126bOnce there we were given headphones and little radios to hold as the tour guide walked us through the resort. These were great since we hung back a bit to see things and didn’t loose the range too many times. The first stop, the casino which we were informed we were “more than welcome” to loose all our money in play in after the tour. Exciting. The details of the architecture were interesting but we really didn’t need to actually walk through the casino at all as we later realized. First stop, the Shark tunnel area right under the giant shell canopy you see in all the photos. This area was fun but uber small. Only upside was uIMG_1141bthe top of the water was an actual sky vs places like the Atlanta Aquarium that are a tank. All in all, lots of walking for something I could have seen in GA in a better way. On the way to the “big aquarium” area that you see in all the photos she pointed out the manta rays chillin’ in a lagoon and then the tax-free shopping no one could afford. The lobby (well one of many apparently) is gorgeous with golduIMG_1166b leaf domed ceilings and faux Atlantian culture paintings. This is where it started going down hill. We descended the beautiful staircase to the aquarium section. The front tank was beautiful. Full of fish and “Atlantian” artifacts. We then headed inside for a little info about how the “explorers were uncovering the lost city here” yeah, this is cute. Love a little campy theming. Kinda like Outback Steakhouse the Aquarium lol. On our way through the aquarium we were shownTour Guide lots of fish, many of which we didn’t get any information on, but oh man could I tell you all about the “Ancient Atlantians”…. That’s when it got kinda blah. 1. There was more information about the fake Atlantians than the actually aquarium. 2. The tour guide was very aware it was bullshit 3. She acted like she hated her job…. because she probably did lol. I would too if I had to spew all that crap every day. It was like a Jungle Cruise Skipper without a soul. She was a nice person, but I wish they could have let their staff talk about the actual fish and sealife more than the fake Atlantis stuff.

uIMG_1260bAfter the tour we walked around to look for a bit and jumped the first bus back to the ship. While waiting we did get to look at the giant, Pegasus fountain in the entrance which was pretty gorgeous. All in all Atlantis was very pretty and I’m glad I still went, but I can’t say the excursion was all that thrilling. All in all, the commercials make it look like an aquarium lovers dreamworld, but it’s a glorified casino/money trap.



Written by Christa

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