13 Spooktacular Tips for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is one of my favorite events to go in Walt Disney World! Halloween has always been my favorite time of year so pair that with Disney excellence in service, and you’ve got a win win in my book! Unlike the very scary Halloween Horror Nights going on over at Universal, MNSSHP is all about family fun, but don’t think it’s just for kids! There are plenty of “fun-scary” moments for all age ranges!

Here are some tips on enjoying your evening in the Magic Kingdom!

A Group of Guests dressed as characters from Pixar's Up. Photo by Barbara Newman (mom)

A Group of Guests dressed as characters from Pixar’s Up. Photo by Barbara Newman (mom)

13. Everyone Can Wear Costumes (and totally should)
Move over little Suzi, mom’s strappin’ into that Cinderella gown of her dreams!
Costumes are a great way to get into the spirit! You don’t have to look like a face character to have fun in a costume. I’m personally a costumer so I go crazy with gowns and such, but some of my most memorable costumes I’ve seen are super creative, out-of-the-box things like Disney World road sign t-shirts and ears, a family dressed in T-shirts that looked like the monorails and even the 7 dwarves with T-shirts of their names on the back, hats, picks and a little baby Snow White. Heck I’m so into these “T-shirt Costume” ideas it might become a future blog post truthfully. Here is a pinterest board of quick, buy it and wear it ideas to get you started! If you’re not a costume person, try a fun Halloween/Disney shirt and some fun, festive ears. Check out this Up group we found with comfortable but totally awesome character outfits!

12. Get into the Park at 4p!
Yes, your ticket works from 4pm, even though the party doesn’t official kick off until 7pm. Not only will you get more park time for your ticket but you can take photos of you in your costumes in front of the castle before the lights go out, grab some food, jump on a ride before the party and get into a line for a character meet n greet for the start of the party! Get all the “non-party” specific stuff out of your system so you can really enjoy the party-only stuff going on until Midnight.

These are our "arriving" states. By the end of the night, I looked like Princess Anna in the morning.

These are our “arriving” states. By the end of the night, I looked like Princess Anna in the morning.

11. Take the Resort Transportation to The Parks
If you are staying in a resort, do yourself a solid and take the bus system. My rule of thumb is be at the bus stop at 3p to get there around 4p from the All-Stars area which it probably about as far from MK as you can get on property lol. If you’re staying on the Monorail loop, well then you’re set for leaving the hotel room 20mins before I’d say. Either way, the Disney Transportation System is the BEST way to get from your resort to the park and back. No one wants to crawl to the parking lot at 1-2am, strip out of a ballgown next to their car and drive to the hotel.
Anyways, what’s more fun than a bunch of Disney Characters taking the bus together?

10. Relax at the Resort in the Morning
This brings me to this, I don’t recommend doing much that morning. Sleep in, get some food, take a dip in those epic Disney pools, take a nice easy run and/or do a little resort hopping-shopping. You’re going to be going full-steam excitement from 4p-1/2a. You don’t want to run out of steam before the second parade! This is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself!

Our group hit a "sweet spot" right before the second parade on a Sunday party and only waited for 10-15 minutes

Our group hit a “sweet spot” right before the second parade on a Sunday party and only waited for 10-15 minutes

9. Love Characters?
Get in line at 6/6:30p for your fave.

Find out where the character(s) you really really want a photo with is going to be before the party from trip reports or the Town Hall in the park. Usually the CMs are cool with you camping out with a snack to get ready for 7pm. This is especially good if you HAVE to have all the Dwarves or Jack and Sally as their lines can become 1-3hrs long. (2016 update- some characters now meet before 7! You will need to get your wristband to be admitted to the line)

8. Trick or Treating
The treat trails are super easy to find, just look for the large, inflatable pumpkins or orbs. Keep in mind that there is usually a slight line but it’s quick and you should use BOTH sides of the barrels where the CMs are handing treats. This will help you get out faster and the CMs will appreciate it as well.
Extra tip: There is no limit to how many times you can go to a line so don’t feel bad hitting up that line near Haunted Mansion twice… or 5 times, I never have lol.


7. Don’t Miss the “Boo to You” Parade
Even if you’re not a “parade person” I would suggest seeing it. Make sure you’re in your spot 45-30 minutes early to get a good spot and to see the Headless Horseman charge (or trot if it’s wet) past you. Major recommendation? Go to the second parade. This is more of an adults and families with older kids opportunity, but generally there is a 1st parade, then fireworks, then a great crowd of families with sleeping little ones head towards the exit. If you’re a young family, this might be you too, but if you can make it to the 2nd parade it’s less crowded and usually a good time to take a breather after all the activities you’ve been doing. Even little ones can make it if you try to get some nap time before heading out from the hotel.

6. You Don’t Have to Watch the Fireworks from Main Street
MNSSHP “Hallowishes” Fireworks are the best of property all year round. Hands down. What I love the most about them is that they are 360, surround park display so even if you’re in Fantasyland or the Circus, you’re going to be surrounded by fireworks at points during the show. I actually like to view them from the side of the castle or Fantasyland since I’ve seen them so many times at this point. If you really want to see the castle to view the overlay, try viewing it from Tomorrowland or to the side.

Villian's Mix and Mingle

Click for a fun video

5. Villain Stage Show
Let’s be honest, MNSSHP is cute at times, but if you’re a fan of the Villains, this is their night to shine. Over the years the Villains Mix and Mingle has been controlled by Maleficent, Facilier and in 2015 the Sanderson Sisters are “coming home” to take over the stage with all the usual villains in tow. The show has changed but the general presentation has not. Not only is there a rockin’ show, but the Villains will come down to “mix and mingle” with guests after the show. In the past it’s usually characters that can “move” easily to come down to the bottom of the stage or on one of the two ramps from the castle. In the past it’s featured The Queen of Hearts (ramp), The Queen (middle), Cruella (middle), Jafar (middle), Malificent (hit or miss, ramp), Captain Hook (sometimes because he also meets in Adventureland) and Facilier (ramp and usually the only time you can see him). Ask the CM or someone in the crowd if they look like “knowledgeable nerds” where your favorite has been standing and get to that area to watch.

(2015 update- there is no longer a mingling aspect to this show)
3921035902_01c712f5c6_z4. Take time to “Smell” the Cobwebs
This is Disney, they’re known for details and going the extra mile to make everything perfect. Don’t run through the parks and miss the details. Like Liberty Square with the custom lit Haunted Mansion and all the cast members are “deathly happy” to see you and the “Cadaver Dans” who walk around Frontierland like their living, Main Street “cousins” the Dapper Dans.
Bonus: If you see a Photopass photographer in a “weird” area. Ask them if they’re doing a magic photo, if they don’t already flag you down for it. There are some great MNSSHP only photos you can do like the ghost driver at the couch in front of the haunted mansion, the hitch hicking ghosts (which moves) and more.

3. Shop at the End of the Night
Yes, I know that “thing” whatever it is, is just soooo cute and perf, but unless the cast member says they’re the only place that has it or it’s been sold out, it can wait. The party ends at Midnight, but don’t run to the buses Cinderella, Main Street is open until 1am and the buses are running until 2am. Yes, that’s right. You know what else is open to 1am? The Confectionery. With all of those delicious, sugar filled samples to give you the last boost to walk to the bus, make sure to do a “swing in” to see what’s on the tray.

2. Hit up the Dance Parties
There are two fun dance parties with characters! Monstrous Scream-O-Ween Ball (Rockettower Plaza Stage) and Club Villain Dance Party (Diamond Horseshoe). These are great even if you just want to sit and relax to let the kids bounce around on that sugar high from Trick or treating.

1. Hang out with Madame Carlotta and Madame Renata
Why is this my number 1? Because these sisters are the Ghostesses’ with the “Mostesses.” Rotating in and out from their bench on the lawn of the Haunted Mansion next to the que line, you’ll get a good call out from them whether you want to or not. The best way to enjoy their antics, however, is to take a right outside the line, behind the carriage and sit with them of the benches tucked between the wall and the que. The ladies love visitors and they’ve got some really great stories to tell. My favorite time to visit is after the second parade since everything starts winding down a bit and you can usually get a nice photo with them if you ask nicely when they leave their bench to go back inside.

Hope this helped and if you ever have any questions about Disney Parks and special events feel free to comment below!

Written by Christa

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