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Second Esmeralda

Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Completed: August 2014

I made the first version of this dress for someone’s young, preteen daughter. I’ve dubbed that version the “pastel” version vs the one to the left which was for a friend I n the UK who wanted the closest to the animated/park colors as I could get. Mom of the young girl wanted to make sure the top covered well since she was a young teen and Esmeralda can get kinda busty in some scenes. I added some clear straps to both of these so they could take off if so desires and there is a “flesh” colored athletic netting to hold the shape in the front V. The entire outfit is casa satin from Joann Fabrics and Crafts. The full circle skirt is made with the “wrong” side of the fabric to give a visual difference between the darker purple wrap skirt. The skirt also has hidden pockets to hold anything she might need. The white petticoat is attached to the purple skirt so it’s easy to wear but is it’s own full circle skirt so when she spins it will be independent of the top skirt.


The wrap skirt is dark purple casa with hand made tumblr_nnw1dtiBMi1s3trluo2_1280gold casa bias tape and foamie “coins.” The second version, above, I created custom molds to pull acrylic resin casts for the coins. This gave it a bit more “substance” and weight than the foamie for movement and twirl. I would suggest the foamie if your building for a kiddo or need something light. The tie skirt is a elongated, half circle with two “tabs” at each end of the straight edge as it’s made to tie around her waist over the underbust cincher.


tumblr_nbr1x087EY1s3trluo4_1280The underbust “corset” I used the Simplicity 1558 for this and it was really easy to work with. Didn’t have to do much adjusting really. I DID cut the middle piece to fit the piping in there though. It’s boned in the lining and the tie up back with grommets are hand tumblr_nnw1dtiBMi1s3trluo3_1280hammered in there. It’s not made to “hold in” anything just to look smooth across her middle. The boning I used is a thick zip tie you can get in packs at Home Depot or Lowes. They’re a great material that is stronger than the “featherweight” crap at Joanns but not a stiff as a metal boning. It’s good for support but I wouldn’t put a lot of stress on it. Think of keeping the fabric from sagging. The piping is all hand made with gold casa satin with a thick yarn in between. I like yarn because when I’m sewing it on the machine and between seams I can get right up against the yarn bulk and if I hit it with my needle it won’t bend or break my needle like the upholstery “rope” can do in this thickness. There is a nice puff without being hard.

tumblr_nbr1x087EY1s3trluo5_1280The top is white casa satin with elastic armbands and a custom collar. It also features removable clear straps and a “nude” colored spandex panel in the front. I used the Simplicity 3618 for this but didn’t really follow the directions after I cut out the pieces really. The top edge is not elasticated in mine.

I also made the hair tie out of hot pink casa but didn’t take a photo of that ^_^


Written by Christa



Thank you so much for this post! I’ve been wanting to make this for a while and was so happy to find this via Happily Grim. Blouses and corsets are my nemesis when it comes to finding appropriate patterns, so thank you for your recommendations! If you have any advice on how you made your piping, I would love to hear it as it’s something I’ve not done before so any help would be awesome. 🙂 Thank you!!! Xx


Hi! I just did a Circle skirt with elastic casing waistband. There are some great Circle skirt calculators online if you’re new to them ?


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