lefoubrewChrista is living the dream at WDW as a Creative Costuming CM. Many people have called her Daria, Wednesday or Edna, it is usually taken as a compliment even when meant as an insult. Ever since she was a kid, she’s been a nerd who loved Disney, Animation and Halloween. She loves to make costumes as a hobby to wear to events and for others when she has time. After earnin a BFA in Animation at SCAD, she attended the College Program at Walt Disney World in a very magical role as a BBB Hostess.
She lives with her husband and hopes to eventually have a dog (or preferably a pig when they have space) when she lives somewhere that pets are allowed. For now she is content with visiting pets of friends and having to bend down and pick up the food she drops in the kitchen because she doesn’t have a living vacuum to hover at her feet while she cooks. She has contemplated on taping ears and a tail to a Roomba but has not gotten to that type of desperation…. yet.

She decided to create this blog so she can come to one spot to talk about all the things she enjoys instead of splitting them all into different platforms. If you’re a fan Disney, animation, costumes, Halloween, crafts, cooking, gardening, travel then please consider following Bibbidi Bobbidi Blogger. Please comment if you have something to add, have questions or just generally enjoy what I’m putting out there. See you real soon!